Subluminal Angel


Fun with dad.

Nice cock Daddy.


Fun with dad.

Nice cock Daddy.

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I have such a thing for men in robes!

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dabear8 asked: are u or husbear still on bear411?

i was many years ago. John is mainly of Growlr as Rimmer


Please reseed.

OMG! Hot!

Looks like it’s lunch time!

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Things I love to do. drink piss, eat ass, Glory holes, Mutual masturbation, solo masturbation, Orgies, Leather orgies, freeballing. Just to name a few. 


Fuck yes to everything about this Daddy. God I love middle eastern men!

Oh please let him want a Daddy! I’m gonna say yes to anything he wants. Even the dirty things!

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gaymaturegifs asked: It's from the MyFirstDaddy productions, video is called "Adore" Cheers :-)

Oh Bless you. I have a thing for robes, daddies and blindfolds. I near came just looking at the clips.